Temperatures drop but gas prices on the rise

Temperatures are dropping but gas prices are not following along.

There weren't many drivers out on Friday morning due to the freezing temperatures.

Those who were on have to fill up to keep their cars running and heaters on high weren't too warm and cozy about the prices at the pump

A gallon of regular unleaded started $2.99 but premium unleaded was well over $3 dollars per gallon.

Drivers aren't happy but they say there is no way around it.

Robert Rangel told Action 4 News that he spends at least $60 dollars each week to fill up his pickup truck.

"With the weather like this, I have to turn on my truck and leave it running for 30 minutes - it takes forever to warm up, he said. If (gas prices) could go back to one something it would be great but I doubt it.

Rangel said the high gas prices are just something he's learned to live with because getting around in a vehicle is simply a necessity.

"Gas prices have always been two eighty something two ninety something so I guess I'm already used to it, he said.

Despite having to spend a little more on gas during these cold days to keep warm, drivers say at least the scenery has been a pleasant change.

Some other drivers we spoke to say they have a more political view on this issue they said if the United States government was drilling for gas right here at home we wouldn't be having these issues.