Tenant Frustrated With Alleged Lack of Maintenance on Damaged Apartment

A McAllen man is frustrated with damages that have affected his apartment TMs living situation.

"It's getting out of hand, said tenant Alex Delgado. I don't want anything to happen to my health."

Delgado said he has lived in the Palm Manor Apartments for five years now, but he said staying in his apartment this past week has been almost unbearable.

"Just recently, this past weekend, the water heater exploded. And I didn't get any help with it at all."

Delgado sent us pictures that he took this past weekend of his damaged apartment.

He says management came in and re-laid new carpet on his floors.

However, as one picture shows, the floor underneath was still wet.

Now, Delgado says, the smell of mold is so strong in his apartment that he fears it will affect his health.

"My allergies are pretty bad, and I didn't get any help, said Delgado. I was told that their usual procedure is to shampoo the carpets and stuff like that, and it's pretty moldy in there now. So right now, I have my air conditioning off, just letting them know that I'm not going to anything about it until they do."

Action 4 News spoke with management at the Palm Manor Apartments.

They denied to go on camera, and would not let us go inside Delgado's apartment.

They did tell us, however, that they have followed proper procedure to fix Delgado's maintenance issues, and they have finished cleaning up the mess.

Alex said, however, that this is not the case, and feels the problems will only get worse.

"Throughout the whole five years of living there, they've been pretty negligent on different stuff, said Delgado. I feel, and a lot of people feel, they haven't done the necessary things to fix our carports, we even have dryers and washers that haven't been working for a couple weeks. Just little things like that."

Again, the apartment TMs management insisted that the proper repairs have been made for Delgado.

However, Delgado told Action 4 News he is working diligently with his attorney to possibly file suit against the complex, and plans to move out very soon.

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