Tenants are asked to vacate property

An investigation by the San Benito code enforcement uncovers numerous health and safety violations, forcing a shutdown of the Historical Stonewall Jackson Hotel.

"Who gives you 48 hours to leave? When are we going to go?" said Marcelo Gonzales. Marcelo Gonzales lives in room 229 he along with over 60 residents must look for a new place to live. Gonzales claims everything at the Stonewall is fine... "Everything is fine, the rooms are fine, the services are fine, everything is good," said Marcelo Gonzales.

Everything is not fine in this document, code enforcement director John Rodriguez states the Stonewall Jackson hotel does not meet the minimum standards for use of occupancy buildings citing, it poses a fire hazard, unsafe and unsanitary conditions and ordering all tenants to move out immediately.

John has called the Stonewall Jackson hotel home for more than a year said being asked to move without notice is unfair.

He tells action 4 news moving during these hard economic times, will make it tough for them to find a new home.

I really like it here, and I don TMt have money to move out."

Many tenants at the Stonewall refused to talk to Action 4, but said the notice to get out was to quick, plus they don TMt have anywhere to go with such short notice.

Thursday, tenants are still living at Stonewall Jackson Hotel.

The city would not tell us what the next step would be.