Test drive carjacking in San Benito

Jerry's Auto Sales in San Benito has been in business for over 30-years.

The used car lot TMs motto "buy here - pay here," allows costumers to feel comfortable with their buying experience, perhaps too comfortable which led to a car jacking.

Jen Hearn an employee at the car lot says this Saturday began like any other afternoon at the dealership, then a young man walked in to test drive a 2006 Ford F-250 diesel truck, that TMs when things got interesting.

Jerry TMs policy allows customers to test drive alone allowing this young test driver to go out alone and ultimately get carjacked.

Hearn recalls the driver explaining, a gentleman just launched open his car door with a gun and said get out and another gentleman jumped into the passenger side, don TMt make this worst than it is, get out. Just get out!"

It was apparently at a pawn shop by Paso Real and Expressway 83 where the driver was jacked just 10 minutes after driving off the lot.

The driver claims no involvement but police are still investigating.

Meanwhile Hearn isn TMt convinced the carjacking story is completely accurate saying car jacked at gunpoint on broad daylight, in a parking lot at a place where they don TMt have cameras?

Hearn goes on to say that was really weird for us and especially since it was right down the road and its 13 minutes from the border."

Now the dealership is left to foot the bill for the truck and make some major modifications to their test driving policies.

Police tell Action 4 the two men are reportedly Hispanic and traveling westbound towards Weslaco.

If you have any information you are urged to call San Benito Police.