Texas A&M Kingsville names hall after Lucio family

Josefa Lucio

The Lucio TMs of Brownsville defied the odds and nine out of 10 children obtained college degrees.

Now, their parents names are on a residence hall in Kingsville to honor them and serve as a reminder to valley students who attend the university.

"She was a rock and we're very fortunate to still have her, she's going on 89 years of age now, Senator Eddie Lucio said.

State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. is singing his mother's praises and so is a room full of family and supporters in Kingsville.

Josefa and her husband Eduardo Lucio are the first from the valley to have a building on the campus of Texas A&M University in Kingsville to be named after them.

I feel good; I feel very happy, she said.

Eduardo Lucio passed away 6 years ago, but his memory lives on in a residence hall with 600 beds for students from all over the world.

It's a distinction the Lucio family said fits their parents perfectly, since they were the ones who encouraged their children to pursue their education to the fullest.

"Nine of us graduated from a university because of their efforts all 10 of us were highly successful because of the support we got from them, the senator said.

President Dr. Steven Tallant said students from the valley can now identify with a successful valley family.

He said they came from the same place many valley students did and overcame some of the same obstacles.

They know who these people are, about 60 percent of our students come from the valley, a handful come from San Antonio and so on, but our bread and butter is the valley," the president said.

Most of the Lucio siblings were in attendance for the ceremony as their family looked on including State Representative Eddie Lucio III.