Texas-born drug trafficking suspect 'La Barbie' indicted in Mexico

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      Mexican authorities have filed formal charges against a Laredo-born drug trafficking suspect who goes by the nickname 'La Barbie.'

      Mexico TMs Attorney General TMs Office (PGR) reported that Edgar Valdez-Villarreal was indicted on Tuesday.

      The organized crime indictment came from a court in the State of Mexico.

      The Laredo-born drug trafficking suspect is accused of being a leader with the Beltran-Leyva drug cartel.

      Mexican authorities arrested Valdez-Villarreal outside Mexico City back in August 2010.

      Valdez-Villarreal will remain in custody while authorities decide the case, which involves the kidnapping of four people and firearms charges.

      Court records show that the Valdez-Villarreal is also facing charges from a drug trafficking case in Atlanta.

      The extradition process could begin after Valdez-Villarrreal has been sentenced in the case in Mexico.