Texas DWI laws could get tougher

The Texas DWI laws could get tougher.

It will be up to our Texas lawmakers to decide what the future holds for the Lone Star State.

But our local chapter of Mother's Against Drunk Driving is certainly behind the initiative.

Victim advocate Ana Verley with MADD tells Action 4 News, "We need to jump start this thing again where people are aware where people know what's going on."

Items lawmakers will look at include mandatory blood tests and sobriety check points.

Verley says, "Texas is one of 10 states that does not have sobriety check points."

MADD hopes one day that will change.

Verley says, "MADD has a legislative agenda two things are on our agenda, sobriety check points and tougher interlock device implementation."

The reason behind the push for tougher laws, statistics like this. In 2009, Texas has 1,269 deaths in alcohol related traffic accidents.

Action 4 News caught up with local State Representative Armando Martinez to get his take on the possibility of tougher DWI laws.

Martinez says, "If we strengthen the laws and make it harder for people out there driving drunk I believe it will send a message."

That message Verley says, "Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable, we can have a nation without drunk driving."