Texas Education Agency investigating Hidalgo school district

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is finishing off a week of interviews and field work at Hidalgo ISD after systemic low performances by students in special education, bilingual education and career and technology.

"When we see districts that continue to have low performance in these programs we have to do investigations, said TEA spokesperson DeEtta Culbertson. Especially someone like Hidalgo ISD who have reached stage three and four in these areas which means they've had ongoing problems."

Culbertson told Action 4 News that the agency conducts these annual reviews of school districts in the state, and after the week long assessment on site, they will help the district come up with corrective action plans that must be put in place.

"The district has to meet these guidelines and goals in this plan, said Culbertson. Continued inability to meet the goals or bring performance up can result in additional sanctions."

Hidalgo administrators said the scores that are low performing are from 2010 and 2011.

They still agree that work needs to be done to make sure each student is performing at their best and that the district as a whole doesn't get a bad report card and have to face consequences down the road.

Hidalgo administrators said they were aware of the low performance of some of their students in those specific programs.

They claim they've already been making changes to instruction in the classrooms even before TEA stepped in.

The findings of TEA TMs investigation are expected to be presented to the school district Friday.