Texas flag flying upside down at Edinburg motel draws criticism

When Monica Alaniz's family first spotted the Texas flag flying upside down at the Motel 6 in Edinburg along South Closner about 10 days ago she says they knew what had to be done.

"My father actually called first and he said they snickered... said ok... then hung up," she recalled.

Monica is an Edinburg native who teaches Pre-K in the La Joya ISD.

Her students learn about the Texas flag.

Each color on it has a special meaning.

The blue stands for the virtue of loyalty, the red stripe symbolizes bravery, while the white stripe, which is on top of the red one, represents purity, according to Texas Flag etiquette.

It's been flying over the Lone Star State for well over a century and a half, a tradition Monica had to bring up to the motel.

"So I called back a couple of days later and I got the same response basically when I called," she recalled.

When the Texas flag is flown upside down it symbolically represents a sign of distress, even mortal danger.

Monica says she knows that's not the case at the Motel 6.

But she does say the business is in danger of something else--disrespecting the community.

"There's a library next door for an Edinburg native, a young Edinburg native, that lost his life at the beginning of the Iraq war and I just felt it was really disrespectful," she said.

Motel management calls it a big misunderstanding.

Jay Shri says they recently replaced the flag with a newer one, unaware of the proper etiquette.

A Texas flag correctly flying high above Edinburg PD is in sight from the motel.

Action 4 News pointed out the difference between the flags to management.

"Oh it's going on the other side," she said. "Sorry for that. We don't know about this. We are very sorry for that. It was by mistake a worker did it. We can fix it right now."

And that's exactly what they did.

The flag was lowered, reversed and then raised again with the white stripe properly over the red one.

Workers at the motel say they hope it will show off their Texas pride.

Monica's happy to see her Call 4 Action answered.

"Yea!" she said with a smile. "I'm glad. I just wanted it fixed. There's no hard feelings. There's no real anger. It just needed to be corrected."

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