Texas lawmakers considering online registry for domestic abusers

We currently have online registries for sex offenders, and if Texas Lawmakers have their way, one would also be created for women and men arrested for abusing their spouse.

Each Year, there are about four thousand cases of domestic violence a year just in Cameron County, and one out of seven report their abuse.

We currently have online registries for sex offenders.

"The number of victims in Texas has gone up steadily over the years as well as the number of people killed due to domestic violence, said Brenda Heredia with Family Crisis Center in Harlingen.

And that is why legislators are recommending the budget stay the same.

For one Texas Lawmaker that isn't enough and he is backing a bill that could create an online registry for domestic abusers.

If passed, anyone convicted of domestic violence at least three times will be featured on the internet, and would be required to register as a repeat offender.

Along with this new registry list, is a new revision for stalking.

According to Brenda, many police departments don't take stalking seriously and the stalking could lead to murder.

The new law would make it a felony to stalk someone.

Brenda believes everyone needs a second chance and only supports the bill for repeated offenders.

If you or somebody you know needs help call the 24 hour hotline at (1-866) 423-9304, all calls remain confidential.