Texas looming health care cuts

Texas lawmakers have a big battle on their hands, balancing the budget.

Tuesday was thousands of elderly Texans rallied outside the state capitol, calling for Governor Rick Perry and state lawmakers to stop the proposed state budget cuts.

Ricardo Rodriguez, Administrator for La Hacienda Home Healthcare in Harlingen tells Action 4 News, "Everybody's concerned that if these cuts do go through it's going to be detrimental to our survival".

"These 33 percent cuts would be totally devastating to our industry", Rodriguez goes onto say.

Rodriguez says if funding was cut by 33 percent then it would put a lot of facilities out of business, they would have to declare bankruptcy and shut down.

The looming cuts are critical not only for the entire state, but here in the Valley.

"There's approximately a 13 million dollar loss in revenue that would happen to just Cameron County alone, and that would translate close to 500 hundred jobs, said Rodriguez.

"We're hoping that it's very minimal and that's why folks are marching in Austin hoping that the cuts are minimal and we're hoping Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. helps our area", said Rodriguez.

Senator Lucio hasn't shied away from the health care issue.

Senator Lucio says, "Many are deeply worried about the impact of the proposed cuts on their loved ones".

So for now those in the health care industry will have to wait and see what happens bracing for the worst but hoping for the best.