Texas senate candidate files ethics complaint

Republican candidate Raul Torres

A local candidate for Texas Senate is claiming his opponent wrongfully took tax payer dollars.

Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa has represented the valley in the Texas Senate District 20 seat for nearly a decade.

Now his Republican challenger, Raul Torres is accusing him of tacking illegal reimbursements from taxpayers.

The Torres campaign filled a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission claiming the senator double dipped in filing for reimbursements multiple times over the past five years.

The camp says the reimbursements add up to nearly $50,000.

Torres says it is time for a change in leadership.

"But if you want a new course, one with new bold ideas, one that is focused on building a strong middle class with prosperity than it is time for change and that is what I represent, Torres said.

Action 4 has reached out to the Hinojosa campaign several times over the past two weeks for an interview but have yet to hear a response from the senator.