Texas senators consider bill to shorten CHL courses, valley instructor says it's not a good idea

Hole in the Wall shooting range

Roy Balli is the concealed handgun license instructor at Hole In The Wall indoor shooting range in McAllen.

He teaches a full class twice a week and if a bill introduced by a Republican Texas senator is passed, he'll have to make adjustments.

"The classroom instruction would be shorter."

The bill aims to reduce the amount of classroom instruction for the concealed handgun license program from 10 to 15 hours to just four.

"As it is it's difficult to contain it into 10 hours. Every class is different, curriculum is the same, but never the same students. I may have a group of law enforcement or a group of grandmothers."

Although a democratic senator is backing the bill saying the class seems to "go on forever", Balli says you're playing with fire when you let someone carry a gun in public who may not be properly trained after only 4 hours. He believes the time would really only be about an hour of marksmanship since the classroom instruction would take up the majority of the time.

"For the law enforcement guy that has the experience no problem, but otherwise, you're letting someone loose out there with very little experience and usually that's not a good combination."

In 2012, 146,000 people across Texas received a concealed handgun license.

Here's the breakdown of carriers in the Valley: 1,039 in Cameron County, 1,788 in Hidalgo County, 53 in Willacy and 168 in Starr County.

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