Texas Syndicate connection to drive by shooting in Harlingen

Texas Syndicate connection to drive by shooting

Members of the Texas Syndicate prison gang are believed to have been involved in planning a botched home invasion in Harlingen.

Court records obtained by Action 4 News show that members of the gang were planning to target the Adrian Street home.

The plot ended in a shootout with an armed security guard posted outside the home on the night of Valentine's Day.

Samuel Garcia remains behind under $370,000 dollars in bonds for attempted murder and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Court records from his case reveal that the planning all started back on January 31st.

That's when Harlingen police first received a tip that a home invasion was going to take place near Valle Vista Mall.

Patrol officers combed the area and spotted suspicious vehicles off Adrian Street but nothing happened.

But officers reported seeing Garcia in the company of Juan Gabriel Falcon in the parking lot of a nearby Petsmart.

Investigators wrote that Falcon is a confirmed member of the Texas Syndicate prison gang.

According to VALLEYCENTRAL.COM archives, Brownsville police arrested Falcon as part of marijuana investigation back in December 2011.

Both Falcon and another man only known as "Salas" asked for Garcia's help.

They were from Brownsville and needed help in locating the target house on Adrian Street.

According to the records, Salas had an insider working in the house: the maid.

She was supposed to leave the front door unlocked for the suspects.

Weeks passed by and nothing happened until around 10 p.m. on Valentine's Day.

Garcia is the only person in custody at this time but the case remains under investigation.