Texas syndicate one of the worst gangs in the Rio Grande Valley

State public safety officials believe there are more than 100,000 gang members across Texas.

The man accused of getting into a police shoot out was a Texas syndicate gang member.

Focus has shifted on the lethal consequences gangs can cause after the incident involving gang member Joaquin Cibrian.

Action 4 News spoke to a local police department that has a task force that only works on gang prevention and gang related crimes.

They said Texas syndicate is one of the worst gangs here in the valley.

The gangs target our youth, they try and get them as early as possible and as young as possible, Sgt. Rolando Garcia said.

Preventing gangs from growing in membership is a top priority in San Juan. The city's police department has a gang scope unit specifically dedicated to gang prevention.

Their #1 priority is gathering intelligence on various gangs, Garcia told Action 4 News.

One of the worst is the Texas syndicate, a prison gang that has thousands of members statewide.

We have encounters with them nothing as violent as what happened Tuesday night, Garcia revealed.

Sgt. Rolando Garcia was front and center at the deadly stand-off in La Joya with Joaquin Cibrian, a confirmed Texas syndicate gang member. He has an extensive criminal history linked to drug cartels where he boasted about his ties in videos posted online.

They have ties to the cartels in the Mexican side, they are the ones that get the job done, the San Juan sergeant said. Cibrian was wanted for a murdering a man during a drug exchange in Edinburg. His accomplice, Alicia Vasquez was charged with capital murder on Thursday, July 24, 2014.

Cibrian was killed during a gun battle with police where two officers were injured.

"It's something we will hopefully never see again, Sgt. Garcia said.

San Juan police keep track of gang members in a database.

There are 22 recorded members in the City of San Juan out of a database of more than 400 for the PSJA area.