Texas Syndicate, Vallucos members among marijuana arrests

Jonathan Luis Leal

Members of the Texas Syndicate and Vallucos prison gang are among seven men behind bars after a double traffic stop that yielded more than 46 pounds of marijuana.

Brownsville police arrested the seven men following a traffic stop near the intersection of Old Port Isabel and Price Roads on Tuesday evening.

Investigators told Action 4 News that a red Chevy Camaro and a Chevy Tahoe were traveling together on Old Port Isabel Road.

Officers pulled over both vehicles for traffic violations.

A K-9 officer spotted a bundle with 46.76 pounds of marijuana inside the Camaro where Julio Cesar Lara, Jesus Vaca, Jonathan Luis Leal and Adrian Jaramillo were inside.

Police arrested Jesus Espinoza, Jesus Hernandez and Juan Gabriel Falcon inside the Chevy Tahoe after learning they were directly associated with the Camaro.

All of them are facing different charges.

Investigators said Jamarillo and Falcon are confirmed Texas Syndicate members while Lara is a Vallucos gang member.

Hernandez, who is also known as Jesus Garcia Cavazos, was identified an illegal immigrant with a prior criminal history.