Texting teen in court for allegedly threatening to kill family

Alexandria Gonzalez in court.

It allegedly started as a jealous fit over a boy.

Alexandria Gonzalez is accused of sending thousands of text messages to a Rio Hondo High School girl and her family threatening to kill them.

Judge Arturo Nelson arraigned Gonzlaez who was accompanied by her father.

San Benito Police arrested the 17-year-old in June after the alleged victim's mother reported the threatening messages and stalking.

The teen's defense attorney, Noe Alaniz, requested a $5,000 bond for the charge.

Alaniz said that since the arrest, Gonzalez has stayed out of trouble, that she doesn TMt do drugs and even transferred high schools from Rio Hondo to Harlingen to avoid further issues with the alleged victim.

Alaniz told the judge, "she is not a problem child."

Judge Nelson answered, "she is accused of some pretty serious stuff" and granted the $5,000 bond.

Gonzalez pleaded not guilty to the stalking charge.

An arraignment is scheduled next week where the teen will face a harassment charge.