The Boys and Girls Club provides supervised activities for young kids

Dominga Briones is a mother of three.

Keeping her teenage boys entertained and off the streets can be a handful..

But thanks to the Boys and Girls Club of America, Briones can head to work not having to worry.

"The Boys and Girls Club has done a lot of great things for my boys, not only teaching them for staying focused academically...but as well as sportsmanship throughout the games said Dominga Briones.

The non-profit organization provides a wide range of supervised educational and recreational activities for young kids.

Equipment like game machines are all donated.

However, the weak economy has forced some donors to hold back, causing cut backs on programs.

Everybody is still just making an effort to keep it as smooth as it has always been, and I think that is why we haven't seen it too much." Said Briones.

But thanks to AEP, the Boys and Girls Club across the Valley can continue running their program.

On Thursday, AEP manager Frank Espinoza handed a check for $1500 to nine different centers.

"We do this every year because we have had a long standing good relationship with the boys and girls club, we are really proud to sponsor the event and be a part of it" said Frank Espinoza.

AEP has been making these donations for the past nine years.

Espinoza said his company has had to adjust with the economy-- but making this contribution to the community is not something they want to do away with