The forecast everyone TMs been waiting for

The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season will start June first and what hurricane season would be complete without Dr. William Gray's pre-season hurricane forecast.

This year the iconic meteorologist and his team will announce their forecast from South Padre Island later this morning.

The doctor and his crew are in town for a tropical weather conference and are using the event as a backdrop to let everyone know how serious or tranquil this hurricane season might be.

Many meteorologists are speculating this year will be a down year for tropical development with El Nio expected to return in the pacific.

El Nio generates upper level winds that can shear off many Atlantic storms before they can develop.

We'll see what Dr. Gray and his team think of the El Nio prospects and the potential for this year TMs overall hurricane threat.

It doesn't matter how many storms are in Dr. Gray's forecast when it comes to being prepared.

You should gear up now with your plan of action by listing supplies, evacuation routes and a general to do list in case a storm comes this way.

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