'The Grinch' strikes again in Harlingen

The Grinch strikes again in Harlingen.

Police said burglars broke into another home to steal presents right from under the Christmas tree.

This time it happened on Carrol Street where homeowner Wayne Kuehler said he knew something was wrong when he got home and saw the front door opened. Kuehler said the burglars broke in thru the back door sometime between 12:30 and 4 p.m. Sunday.

They backed up their car up into the drive way..and loaded everything up onto their car," he said. Everything including two-fully loaded pistols but Kuehler says the stolen items are not what upsets him the most.

"They also took his 9-week-old fox red lab," Kueher told Action 4 News. "Kind of like a reddish golden retriever but in lab he's got a little white spot in his chest."

In total, about $6,000 dollars in property was taken from his home.He's asked neighbors if they saw anything, but nobody said they saw a thing.

Kuehler says it completely ruined his family's Christmas.

"We're suppose to have Christmas Eve at our house and we're suppose to have all the family over, so we had already brought all the gifts from all the family to put them under the tree," he said.

But this isn TMt the first case of stolen gifts and property, last week we brought you a story of another family whose house was also broken into.

The alleged burglars lived in the next street over in a house behind the victims.

But the Kuehlers are asking for help finding their pup "Bubba" and they TMre offering a $1,000 reward.

"-If you want to contact us you can call us at 956-534-5887, no questions asked we don TMt care about the rest of the stuff I just want my dog," Kuehler said.