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      The Nature Report: Nilgai Antelope Thrive

      Hunting Nilgai antelope in deep South Texas is a challenge, especially, when the ranch country is so saturated.

      Recent rains have left extensive standing water and four-wheel drive is essential.

      When a good bull is spotted in the distance, Michael Ramirez and guide Lendell Laxton begin the stalk. Nilgai antelope originate in India, but were introduced to southernmost Texas by the King ranch in the 1930 TMs.

      They have adapted well to the brush country and provide a challenging hunting opportunity. After a lengthy stalk, Ramirez gets in range and patiently waits for the shot.

      Taking careful aim, he expertly drops the big bull. We waited for about 15 minutes, which was actually about four minutes, and he came out, and we had a good shot at him, Ramirez said.

      Hunting guide Lendell Laxton said it was a good hunt. Michael got set up, showed his patience|when he had the opportunity bam|hit him, Laxton said. Ramirez TMs two hunting partners, Robby McGuffin and Caesar Gonzalez also had successful stalks and took good bulls. People may think it is real easy to hunt this animal, but they are very elusive, they are very had to hunt, Gonzalez said.

      McGuffin agreed. I have been hunting whitetail all my life and it is a lot easier to kill whitetail than nilgai, you know the stalking|. extremely hard to kill, he said. I just hope these guys have plenty of freezer space, because they are going to need it. Yes, it is very good eating, and we are definitely looking forward to that, Gonzalez said.