The Park Girl gets hauled

Two wide load repo trucks showed up this afternoon at The Park Girl in La Feria.

And one by one they took mobile homes from the location, forcing Joleigh Ares to shut down part of her operation.

Complaints of broken promises and contracts from customers lead Action 4 News to an investigation.

The complaints reached not only the companies that provided Ares with the mobile homes but also the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

"Once we issue the notice of violation from there she has 30 days to request a hearing at the state office of administrative hearings, said Amy Morehouse with the Manufactured Housing Division. And I believe she did request a hearing for that particular notice of violation. Morehouse, the General Council for the Manufactured Housing division, says with the notice of violation Ares received, there is also a penalty attached.

It could be anywhere from a fine to suspension or revocation of license.

It can take 90 to 180 days, to resolve Ares' case.

Even longer depending on the hearing process

"If we do determine there is a violation of law then we'll order her to give the money back, said Morehouse.

Let's say she went out of business or she refused to pay it back , at that point we can go to the home owners recovery trust fund to help the consumer and get their money back.

Music to the ears of the park girl's unsatisfied customers Action 4 News spoke to over the last weeks, who feared they would never see a penny.

They said Ares took their deposit, never delivered the mobile homes they paid for, sold their trailers to more than one person and then refused to return their money.

Some of them were apprehensive in reporting the scam because of their legal status.

Morehouse says no consumer should fear contacting the Texas Department of Housing.

They should not fear going to us, said Morehouse. We focus only on the issue of attempting to consumer protection. Getting their money back.

According to reports, Joleigh Ares has several mobile home dealers across Texas. We reached out to Ares' lawyer to find out how long The Park Girl in La Feria will remain closed but have not heard back.

The Manufactured Housing Division urges people to contact them if they feel they have been scammed.

You can reach them at their Consumer Complaint Hotline 1-877-313-3223

You can also fill out a complaint form by emailing them at