Therapist: Teens cutting themselves no different than using drugs

A 13-year-old daughter cutting herself was something a Brownsville mother said she never saw coming.

She says it all started a year ago when her only daughter started the 6th grade.

He daughter started changing; she started listening to metal music, started hanging out with older people, her grades started to drop and she would come home crying daily.

The mother blames constant bullying is what pushed her daughter over the edge.

"She says that she is too fat and that she doesn't feel good about herself, that she wishes she was dead, the mother said.

Right now, the teenager is getting help.

She is in a rehab center addressing her issues.

Psychotherapist Dr. Susan Ander's says this is a growing issue among teenagers across the nation.

She says it TMs a way to release built up emotions.

It TMs becoming more of a problem when children cut because it TMs a sign of their frustration and their inability to cope with all of the pressures that teenagers have now a days, Dr. Ander TMs said. Some of those pressures include bullying.

Dr. Ander TMs says it shouldn't be confused with suicide attempts.

"With my experience with cutters I have noticed that many of them want someone to notice and so if they are wearing long sleeves in the dead of summer you roll those up mom and dad and find out what going on underneath," Dr. Ander TMs said.

Dr. Ander's says this is mainly seen in girls especially those in junior high.

The biggest concern is signs of cutting are hard to notice.

"With the cutters the signs are very slight because they have found what they think it TMs a treatment for themselves is like self-medicating," Dr. Ander TMs said.

However the signs that can be seen are when teenagers aren TMt doing well in school, change friends and if someone approaches the parents concerned for the child TMs well-being.

Dr. Anders says one bit of advice is talk to your children.

Tell your children and students that it's important to speak out if they know someone who is hurting themselves.

"If you have a friend and your friend is cutting, tell their parents, Dr. Ander TMs said. It TMs no different if they were using drugs or if they were doing something illegal.

Dr. Ander TMs says that if a parent discovers their child is cutting themselves they must get them help immediately by taking them to therapy and notifying the school.