Therapy being offered for autistic children

Through the eyes of a child like Martin Chapa, the world is a very scary place.

"They're in a world where they're afraid of it because of so much stimulation, bright lights, loud noise. Our job is to make them feel secure so that they are able to learn," said Hilda Perez.

Perez owns the Little Lighthouse Children's Rehab in La Feria and is a therapist who works with autistic children.

"It's almost like a sensory diet where they receive a certain amount of sensory integration so when they leave here they are balanced."

The children seem to be just playing in a large gym, but every move they make is improving their understanding of their environment, and every inch of the room caters to their needs.

For instance, the spinning motion on a swing in the gym helps calm the child and sort of resets the brain.

It could be as easy as taking your child to a park and putting them on a swing.

Letting them play with their food also helps in their development, something moms and dads of autistic children can work on at home.

"They have a problem with foods. If they touch it and get their hands dirty, leave their hands dirty so they can get used it."

Little hands with a lot of potential are put to work here, giving the children a grasp on what the world has to offer other than fear and confusion.

Little Lighthouse Children TMs Rehab has centers in La Feria, Los Fresnos and Laguna Heights.