Thieves now targeting Chevy Silverado trucks

San Juan Police are warning those who own Chevy Silverado pickups to take extra precaution as they are seeing an increase in theft of the make and model.

Police busted a man in the act of stealing a Chevy pickup early Monday morning and then they caught his accomplice later that day.

Investigators said 25-year-old Santos Hinojosa was caught on the 200 block of Miranda Lane in San Juan. He has since been charged with two counts of evading arrest and one count of auto theft.

Police learned though the investigation a woman had dropped him off to do the job.

Then on Monday afternoon when 27-year-old Anita Sanchez showed up at the police station inquiring what charges Hinojosa had, an officer recognized her as one of the suspects.

It turns out, Sanchez drove to the police department in a stolen vehicle and was arrested on the spot.

She has been charged with two counts of auto theft.

San Juan Police Sgt. Rudy Luna urges drivers to make your vehicles difficult to steal.

"If you do own a Chevy pickup truck be on the lookout for it, Sgt. Luna said. If you are going to park it in the drive way, if you have a second vehicle park it behind it. Throughout our investigations we see they are looking at Chevy pickups."

Police also found other stolen property at the couple's home.

Police are now investigating to see if they have any connections to other auto thefts in the area.