Thieves raid nearly $12,000 worth of equipment from Olmito ranch

Rodrigo Garcia can still spot the tire tracks from his own trailer in the dirt inside his Olmito ranch; the same trailer thieves loaded up with his equipment, before taking off.

"A gasoline compressor, some oxygen settling tanks with the torch and gages," Garcia listed off the stolen items, which also included a tractor and a lawn mower.

In all, he said the thieves rode away with more than $12,000 worth of ranching equipment last week.

"Everything that they stole is pretty vital to the ranch," he said.

But, while the items can be replaced, Garcia is convinced the thieves stole something more valuable: the life of one his prized palomino horses.

"He was lying right there and you can see it's a perfectly clean spot, he said, pointing to the area where the horse was found. There TMs nothing to say well the horse got injured."

Though he is unsure how the horse died, Garcia said it is too much of a coincidence that it happened at the same time the equipment went missing.

"That was my wife's horse, she was devastated by the death," he added.

Garcia filed a report with Brownsville Police.

He is offering a $500 reward for any information that leads to an arrest or to his stolen property.

Anyone with information can call him at (361) 227-0426.