Third suspect arrested in Brownsville home invasion, kidnapping

Jorge Cervantes (aka El Tractor) // Brownsville Police Department Photo

Authorities have arrested the third out of four suspects in a home invasion and kidnapping that took place back in December 2010.

Brownsville police and a group of federal agents arrested Jorge "El Monstro" Ramirez back on January 26th.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Ramirez is one of four suspects involved in a home invasion off Acacia Lake Drive on the city's eastside.

Ramirez and the other armed suspects held the homeowner, his housekeeper, a gardener and two friends at gunpoint for hours back on December 2010.

The four men robbed the homeowner's valuables and forced him to withdraw large amounts of cash from his bank accounts.

Police had previously arrested suspects Epigmenio "Tato" Ahumada and Jorge "El Tractor" Cervantes.

A fourth suspect identified as Gabriel Ahumada remains at large but investigators believe he fled to Mexico.