Third woman arrested for 'stolen boyfriend' sexual assault

Tina Marie Treviño // Cameron County Jail

Authorities have made a third arrest in a case where a young woman was sexually assaulted because the suspects believed she stole one of their boyfriends.

Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested Tina Marie Trevio on Monday.

Trevio is accused of being one of three women who beat up a 20-year-old woman and used their fingers to sexually assault her back on August 11th.

She's expected to appear before a judge at the Cameron County Jail on Tuesday morning.

Deputies arrested suspects Crystal Yvette Martinez and Maria Alicia Martinez last week but jail records show that they have been released on $45,000 dollar bonds.

Court records show that the three suspects believed the young woman had stolen Emmanuel Guerrero away from suspect Crystal Yvette Martinez

But the records show that the young woman was with her boyfriend at a nightclub in Brownsville when she was first confronted by the group.

Both the young woman and her boyfriend left with Guerrero to his apartment off Rene Avenue in the Southmost area of Brownsville.

Court records show that they were attacked in the parking lot of the apartment complex where the assault only ended after somebody used a gun to fire a shot into the air.

Guerrero remains behind bars after deputies found two pounds of marijuana at his apartment while investigating a case where his nephew was accused of kidnapping an sexually assaulting a woman.