'Thirsty Smuggler' faces La Joya judge

A Rio Grande Valley man who lead police on a short drug chase was formally charged Wednesday.

Jorge Armando Garza of La Joya was charged with evading arrest and possession of marijuana.

Police said Garza left 700 pounds of pot behind in his vehicle.

The chase started when an officer tried to pull Garza over for not wearing a seatbelt, but he refused to stop.

He finally crashed in a residential area and ran away.

Officers later saw him at a nearby store.

"We gave a description over the police radio saying the individual was seen by another officer entering a bakery in La Joya," said La Joya Lt. Julian Gutierrez. "The officer went in and found the guy buying a Gatorade so he arrested him."

Officers confiscated the van and the load of drugs.

A judge set Garza's bond at $1 million.

Garza is currently in the Hidalgo County jail.