Thirty birds found dead in Brownsville neighborhood

Jim Shafer woke up around 2:00 a.m. to the constant sound of dogs barking.

In his backyard about 30 dead birds, to blame, was a pit bull with one of his birds in his mouth.

He pointed to the hole in the fence Shafer said, "That TMs where he got his head in."

Shafer is retired and says he loves to look at the birds in his back yard.

They give him something to do.

He said that the unleashed dogs wreaking havoc on his property, could cause an even bigger problem considering several schools are nearby.

He has continued to see an increase in unleashed dogs roaming around.

Brownsville animal control said that unfortunately they don TMt have much room for animals, although they do encourage people to take them to the shelter if they don TMt want them anymore.

Brownsville Police Department, Lt. Adrian Mascorro said "Its a city wide problem, that people are abandoning their animals its nothing new, we have seen an increase in people abandoning their animals."

The pit bull in question hasn't been found.

Brownsville Animal Control has already set up traps.

Brownsville Animal Control and Shafer aren't blaming the dog, but instead the owners who either abandon their pets or let them roam without any supervision. According to Brownsville Animal Control, the local shelter has a catch and release, spay and neuter program.

The animals then get released to where they picked them up.

This way they try to avoid automatically euthanizing the animal and at the same time, they try to control the population.

According to Brownsville Police Department, a new state laws says that if your dog attacks a person, you can face up to a 3rd degree felony.