This Cyber Monday beware of online scams

While you TMre browsing the internet for deals this Cyber Monday, you may want to beware of online predators.

According to the Better Business Bureau, many shoppers are being reeled in by websites selling counterfeit goods.

The BBB says often times when shoppers looks for deals online, they enter words such as cheap, discount and outlet followed by the name of the product.

But once you hit that search button, you could end up on a website selling counterfeit goods.

The BBB says many of these counterfeit sites are hard to distinguish from legitimate online retailers because they usually attach real photos to the items being sold.

So what should you look out for?

First look for the BBB seal on the website and check out the business TM review on the BBB TMs website.

Make sure the site has a contact page with a physical address and phone number.

You can also check to see who owns the website. Be very wary of web registrations that are private.

Another tip to ensure your payment info is secure, look in the address box for the s in https:// and in the lower right corner for the lock symbol.

When shopping online it is also best pay with a credit card.

Under federal law, you can dispute the charges if you do not receive the item and contest unauthorized charges.

The BBB says Many credit cards have zero liability policies which will protect you if your credit card number is stolen.