Three cartel gunmen charged with kidnapping, murder of wrong man

Authorities have charged three out of five drug cartel gunmen accused in the wrongful kidnapping and murder of an innocent man.

According to court documents, 25-year-old Roel Garza, 24-year-old Jose Lorenzo Davila, and 26-year-old Orlando Hernandez, of Rio Grande City, were arrested between July 4th and 8th.

The three men allegedly kidnapped the victim because they believed he stole 100 kilograms of cocaine with ties to the Gulf Cartel.

Authorities say the arrests stem from the incident back in May, when the victim and his wife were at a family member TMs home in Mission.

That TMs when three vehicles showed up, including a truck driven by another man identified as 23-year-old Gerardo Villarreal.

According to the report, Villarreal identified himself to the couple as a police officer and as a result, Davila handcuffed him.

After the victim TMs wife tried to follow the truck and lost it, she called local police to try to locate him.

The authorities advised her that they had no record of an arrest and did not have him in custody.

It is believed that the victim was instead taken by the 3 men, and allegedly struck, blindfolded, gagged and bound with duct tape while he was taken to a local ranch.

That TMs where the suspects became aware that he may be the wrong person and allegedly taken to Mexico anyway, where he is believed to have been murdered.

The victim had no prior criminal history or involvement in drug smuggling.

The three men have been charged with kidnapping and face life in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

The FBI continues their investigation into the case.