Three charged for roles in retired Border Patrol agent's death

Mark Kimmons

Two men accused of killing an elderly man for his gun collection are behind bars tonight.

One of those suspect's mother is also in custody for allegedly trying to hide the evidence.

It was an emotional day for the Kimmons family as they watched the suspects arraignment who allegedly beat their father to death.

It was almost too much for them to bear.

"Somethings just don't make sense you know," said Mark Kimmons, the victim's youngest son.

The Kimons family said they don't understand why anybody would feel the need to kill their 86-year-old father.

"They just took something to him and beat him to a pulp," said Laura Kimmons, the victim's daughter.

Their pain was evident as they sat and watched as David Tarbutton and Leroy Arista were charged with Willis Kimmon's death.

Mission police said Tarbutton and Arista beat the 86-year-old, a retired border patrol agent, with a crow bar Tuesday afternoon.

They believe the pair were after his collection of guns.

"If you knew my father and the law enforcement background he had, and the willingness that he had to help people around him and as my sister said. He was introduced to him this wasn't random," said Mark.Investigators said Tarbutton knew Kimmons.

In fact the two had gone hunting before, and they said Tarbutton was well aware of the collection Kimmons possessed, but regardless of what they were after, police said there was no reason for the pair to kill the elderly man.

"They could have probablysnuck around the house without him ever hearing because he's stone deaf without his hearing aids," said Mission Police Sgt. Jody Tittle.

Police believe both suspects were high on drugs and that could have played a factor.

Investigators said through interviews with family and friends, they had suspected Tarbutton could be connected to the crime.

They found that he was already in police custody for possesion of a .45 Colt handgun.

They found out it belonged to Kimmons.

After speaking to Tarbutton, police said he led them to Arista.

"Later that afternoon Leroy Arista was stopped in a traffic stop and in the backseat on the floorboard of his car was a brown wooden box. That box was identified as to belonging to Mr. Kimmons," said Tittle.

Police said they later found Arista's mother hid some of the guns Arista had stolen.

Arista's family members were also at the arraignment but denied comment.

"I don't want to say anything," they said.

Leroy Arista and David Tarbutton were issued a $5 million dollar bond and charged for Capital Murder.

Leroy's mom Peggy was charged with tampering with evidence and issued a $200,000 bond.

Police are still looking for up to eight guns.

If you have any information on this case call Mission Crime Stoppers at (956) 581-TIPS.