Three charged in Mission drive by shooting

Three involved in drive by shooting arrested

Two men and a woman were charged in a Mission courtroom Tuesday for their alleged involvement in a weekend drive by shooting.

Mission investigators said after 25 year-old Robert Cantu's home was invaded on Saturday night, he decided to retaliate.

Police said Cantu and his two friends, 22-year-old Isabella Castillo and 22-year-old Rumaldo Garza shot at a home and a nearby car on the corner of Palma and Reynosa in Mission on Sunday morning.

Not only did they use lethal force, investigators said the renters and car owner were innocent.

"Fortunately the family living at the house was not there apparently they left early to go to the flea market, Mission interim Police Chief Robert Dominguez said.

Dominguez said the trio was after the home owner's son who moved out in May.

That home was rented out to a couple with two children.

A nearby officer heard the shots, responded, and was able to apprehend and arrest Castillo and Garza.

Cantu ran on foot but was arrested Tuesday morning.

"With the assistance of the U.S. Marshal TMs fugitive task force, agents sat outside of his home early Sunday morning, obviously we had an arrest warrant for him, Dominguez said. As they approached the residence, the man ran out the back door and tried to get away from the officers. They had to give chase and five ten minutes later he was caught and brought here."

All three were charged with two counts of deadly conduct, a third degree felony.

Cantu also faces another charge of evading arrest.

Unfortunately that's the kind of situations we run into a lot in today's policing world, where all these bad guys are going against each other and in the process these innocent people get hurt as well," Dominguez said.

Each had a bond set at $400,000 plus Cantu had an additional bond of $5,000 for evading arrest.

All three face up to ten years in prison for each charge and a fine of up to $10,000.