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      Three members of Mission family jailed for fighting with police

      Three members of a Mission is behind bars after allegedly getting into a brawl with police officers investigating a domestic violence incident.

      The brawl began police showed up to arrested 24-year-old Adam Gomez on Wednesday afternoon.

      Police told Action 4 News that his wife went to Mission Police Department claiming that he'd strangled her and tied her up.

      Investigators said she had marks on her neck and even plastic ties on her wrist.

      Authorities got a warrant but Gomez did not want to be arrested.

      Police said Gomez TMs father and younger brother didn TMt want it either.

      Both 67-year-old Ignacio Gomez and 22-year-old Andrew Gomez reportedly tried fighting police.

      Police said Adam Gomez banged his head on the window of police unit so hard that it shattered.

      Manuel Casas with the Mission Police Department spoke to Action 4 News about the incident.

      "The best thing to do is comply with the orders, Casas said. Once you start to resist and pull away from the officers they're going to do what they need to do and they themselves are the ones who escalate, and we have to do what we have to do to bring them under control.

      All three appeared before a Mission municipal judge on Thursday afternoon. They were charged with the following charges and given bond:

      Ignacio Gomez, 67-year-old fatherHindering Apprehension ($50,000 bond)Assault on a public servant ($50,000 bond) Andrew Gomez, 22-year-old sonResisting arrest ($5,000 bond)Hindering apprehension ($50,000 bond) Adam Gomez, 24-years-old sonCriminal mischief for bashing police window ($5,000 cash bond)Unlawful restraint ($15,000 bond)resisting arrest ($5,000 bond)Assault ($100,000)

      During the arraignment, all three men denied their charges asking the judge to explain several of them.

      Adam Gomez claims his wife is trying to take his kids away from him and that is why she is making these allegations.

      The judge meanwhile issued an emergency protective order is now in place to protect Adam Gomez TMs wife.

      Her husband is not allowed to have any contact with her for 61 days.

      Adam Gomez told the judge he was almost done serving two years probation for a federal drug case.