"Ticking time-bomb" found in zip lock bag

Alamo police and the FBI are investigating who put a suspicious device in a restroom at Memorial High School this afternoon.

The entire campus had to be evacuated after a student discovered the device.

Student Isaac Garza says he didn TMt know what the package was at first.

"It was in a blue zip lock bag it was like a cylinder taped around with wires and it had a red clock in the front," he said.

The senior quickly retreated and alerted the school principal which set off a chain of events.

Students safety was first.

The school was first put on lockdown.

Students filled the schools gymnasium before the decision was made to let school out early.

In less than five minutes the building was evacuated, PSJA superintendent Daniel King said.

Students piled onto buses and flooded the sidewalks making their way home.

King admits it did take some time to get everyone off campus.

There is no way to have 2,000 students in the vehicle at once, King said.

Meanwhile the McAllen bomb squad was called in by Alamo police.

Officers suited up with protective gear to go inside.

Police say the device was destroyed and cleared from the building.

Just a few weeks into the school year police say they prepared to handle these types of situations.

"It was a very orderly manner the way it was handled," Alamo Police Chief Art Espinoza said.

School officials say part of their plan was notifying parents that school was being let out early.

"We sent out a phone call to all parents letting them know that we had evacuated the school the students were at a safe location," King said.

Gilbert Flores was one of the first parents to arrive at the school.

"We just want to make sure our child is safe," he said.

Flores said he is pleased with how the school handled the bomb threat.

Fortunately, the device turned out to be a dud.

Either way Garza said he is glad he reported it.

He believes any other students would have done the same.

"I feel great, he said. I didn TMt want anybody to get hurt and I TMm glad everyone got out in time."