Tiffany Hartley breaks her silence over Zeta arrest

Just days after the two year anniversary of American David's Hartley's death on Falcon Lake, a break in the case.

A suspect is now in custody in connection to the murder, prompting David's widow to speak out.

"Today obviously came as a shock," said Tiffany Hartley, after getting word of an arrest made in her husband's death.

The couple was coming under fire on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, while exploring on their Jet skis that fateful day on September 30th of 2010.

"It's been a hard two years but it's also been a lot of healing too," said Hartley.

And now this, Salvador Martinez Escobedo, the alleged regional Zetas leader for Tamaulipas, paraded before the media in Mexico on Monday morning.

His nick name is "El Squirrel."

He was arrested by Mexican Marines last week.

According Zapata County Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez, Martinez is the ring leader of those who shot and killed Hartley.

"There were many people involved in the killing of David Hartley. They're charging the person in charge of the whole area," said Sheriff Gonzalez.

Still the big question for Tiffany: why the body of the love of her life still hasn't showed up.

"Where is David? Where are the remains?" asked Hartley.

For now, all she can do is keep asking those questions, even pressuring the candidates for president to take action.

"The Romney organization and then also Obama," said Hartley, adding that only the Romney camp has responded but still no answers.

While the recent arrest is a big step forward, Sheriff Gonzalez hopes more suspects will be brought to justice, giving Hartley's family closure.

Authorities are also linking Martinez to the kidnapping and murders of bus passengers in San Fernando,

Mexico, where mass graves were found with more than 200 bodies.