Tiffany Hartley speaks about the Nancy Davis case

David Hartley

Tiffany Hartley knows exactly what the Davis family is going through.

There is anger and frustration, said Hartley. I think there is every emotion possible that you can feel.

Back in September 2010, Hartley TMs husband David was allegedly killed by cartel members after the couple crossed on jet skis onto the Mexican side of Falcon Lake.

She said her daily life has not gotten easier and moving on is hard to do.

I don TMt know if you ever move on, said Hartley. I don TMt know if you ever can get over it. You will always be missing that person and you will always be taken back to that day.

Hartley said when she heard about Nancy David her thoughts immediately went to David and the day he was taken from her.

I literally broke down, said Hartley. I had every emotion. I was sad, angry, and devastated. My heart was breaking for them.

Nancy Davis and her husband Sam were traveling back from San Fernando, a rural Tamaulipas town about 70 miles south of the border.

Pharr police told Action 4 News that the couple was ambushed by a group of men driving a black pickup.

Investigators said Sam tried to get his wife out of harm TMs way by stepping on the gas and speeding away.

Police said that did not stop the men from shooting at the couple TMs vehicle.

One of those bullets hit Nancy in the head. She was rushed to a and it was that shot that later killed her.

Action 4 News spoke to Nancy TMs son Joseph who he said he told his mother numerous times not to go into Mexico.

He said she would not listen and that she told him that there were hundreds of people that needed her help.

Hartley said she knows this is a hard time for the Davis family, but keeping faith is the only way they are going to get through.

There TMs a time when you doubt God and his love for you, said Hartley. Hold onto the good times that you guys had together. They TMre going to be memories.

Hartley said she is thankful that Sam was able to get Nancy back into the United States and that way he has some kind of closure.

Tiffany said she is still waiting on hers.