Tips for avoiding heat related health complications

These hot temperatures can become dangerous for a person if they do not take precautions.

It starts by making sure you drink enough water to make it through the upcoming hot days.

Rio Grande Valley fire fighters said during these days of extremely hot temperatures, they respond to more calls about people suffering from dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat strokes than fires.

Firefighters said it's an issue that shouldn't be taken lightly and people need to prepare especially if they plan to be outdoors.

Here are some tips from Medline Plus to avoid overheating:- Wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothes.- Try to rest frequently and seek shade.- When it comes to getting into cars, you should turn it on first and let it cool before getting in.- Avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity outside- Be especially careful to avoid overheating if you are taking drugs that impair heat regulation, or if you are overweight or elderly.

However, in the end, the cardinal rule during this weather is to keep yourself hydrated.

"Carry a gallon of water with you, continuously drink water, Jerry Pea, McAllen firefighter, said. If you are feeling thirsty you are already dehydrated in other words, so continue drinking water throughout the day especially if you are out there in the sun working."

The first symptoms of heat related illnesses are:- Profuse sweating- Fatigue- Thirst- Muscle cramps

If you experience these symptoms, try lying down in a cool place or applying a cool cloth to the skin and drinking water or Gatorade.

Ignoring the symptoms can lead to heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke which can cause a person to lose consciousness and have seizures.

Symptoms for heat exhaustion:- Headache- Dizziness and lightheadedness- Weakness- Nausea and vomiting- Cool, moist skin- Dark urine

Symptoms for heat stroke:- Fever (temperature above 104F)- Irrational behavior- Extreme confusion- Dry, hot, and red skin- Rapid, shallow breathing- Rapid, weak pulse- Seizures- Unconsciousness

If someone is suffering a heat stroke, you need to call 911.

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