Tips to Avoid Heat Related Health Hazard

As the summer months heat up, outdoor activity usually increases.

But being outdoors for prolonged periods of time in the sun can lead to major health hazards like dehydration and even heat stroke.

This morning, Leah Wholley, a trauma injury prevention specialist from South Texas Health Systems joined Action 4 Sunrise to discuss signs to look for and how to prevent the onset of either one of these.

Tips to prevent heat stroke:-Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing-Stay indoors during peak heat hours-Stay hydrated-Stay cool

Heat stroke symptoms:-Increased body temperature-Lack of sweating-Headache-Muscle weakening-Nausea and vomiting-Rapid, shallow breathing

Tips to prevent dehydration:-Drink plenty of water (no caffeinated or sugary drinks)-Get acclimated to the heat-Stay out of heat as much as possible

Dehydration symptoms:-Dry, sticky mouth-Sleepiness or lethargy-Increased thirst-Low urine-No tears