Tires behind vacant warehouse blamed as "breeding ground" for mosquitoes

Neighbors in Edinburg are fed up with pesky mosquitoes, a constant nuisance that doesn't seem to go away.

"At night, when you come out at night in the evenings, you are covered in mosquitoes from head to toe," said Joe Ponce, who lives in the area.

Fingers are being pointed to this vacant warehouse, where piles of tires have been left abandoned. Stagnant water fills the tires making it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Other stagnant water also sits on the property, as well as thick brush, making the area a constant threat to neighbors, and even students.

Right across the street is Truman Elementary School, and just a few hundred feet down is Edinburg North High School," said Ponce.

Ponce says it is common for students to run in an open field next to the building. And with the recent scare of West Nile Virus, Ponce fears children and teens could be at risk. Now, he wants city officials to step in.

"I have pleaded with them, I have asked them, and I got no response, said Ponce. So my next step was to call Channel 4 News to see what I could get done."

Action 4 News was able to get in contact with the City of Edinburg.

They released a statement, saying they are aware of the issue, and are working diligently with the owner of the property to have the tires removed.

But property the owner claims a former tenant who recycled tires is responsible for the mess. In the meantime, the city is following procedures.

They say the owner will be notified to take care of the problem.

"Just keep it clean, like Mr. Wolf would say! said Ponce. But it's really for the children and for the community."

And keeping it clean is exactly what the City of Edinburg wants to do.

They say the owner of the property will have ten days to clean up the mess once he receives the notice in the mail.