Toddler fights for life, parents fight to keep roof over head

Alejandro Zetina with baby Victoria

Just shy of her second birthday, baby Victoria Zetina is in the midst of a life battle.

Her swollen little feet and stomach, her sad eyes and barely-there hair are what a 14-month battle with Leukemia have left behind.

She has fought bravely, but just last week her parents Alejandro and Nora Zetina, received news that Victoria is not expected to live past the next six months.

"Now they are telling us she's terminal, you know, what can somebody say, Nora Zetina said. It's just hard having to deal with this, and our other children don't know how to respond, they just cry."

When his employer could no longer accommodate his schedule for doctor visits, Alejandro Zetina lost his job.

With no money coming in, the family is behind three house payments and are on the brink of eviction.

Their light bill is overdue and their vehicle could go next.

The desperate father said the problems have hit them all at once.

"I have to, have to do this, but how when I TMm taking care of her? Alejandro Zetina said. And I TMm not going to leave her side for whatever. I mean, they can tell me all this and that, but she's what's important right now and that's where I TMm going to stay."

They were afraid Victoria will not live until her second birthday on July 28, the family recently celebrated her birthday.

It was requested by an eight-year-old patient they met at Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg.

The staff there threw baby Victoria a princess party. The young parents are touched by others TM generosity and thankful they gave their baby possibly one last birthday wish.

"She's the best thing I TMve ever had, she's my hero, Alejandro Zetina said. She's made me into the person I am now, and I wouldn't change that for the world."

A group of good Samaritans who got wind of Victoria TMs story, is also throwing her a birthday party tomorrow at Chuck E. Cheese at 5 p.m. in Harlingen. If you would like to help the Zetina family to get through this difficult time, contact Alejandro at 956-244-8035 or Nora at 956-320-3140.

You can also email them at