Toddler passes out from parents smoking at fast food drive-thru

Raymondville Police Department: Alejandro Rodriguez and Ashley Moreno

A toddler was put in danger after her parents decided to smoke synthetic marijuana inside their vehicle.

All three were found passed out in the vehicle by Raymondville police at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. McDonald TMs employees called police after they saw the couple had fallen asleep at the drive-thru.

When officers arrived, they found 22-year-old Alejandro Rodriguez and 22-year-old Ashley Moreno passed out in their vehicle.

Once police were finally able to wake them up, the parents admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana.

Not only did they smoke the marijuana and pass out inside their vehicle, police said they subjected their 1-year-old to the K-2.

Officers found the child passed out in the front passenger seat on the floor.

Police believe the strong odor is what caused the whole family to pass out.

Police were able to find the K-2 on Rodriguez and in the car.

The parents were both arrested for possession of controlled substance and endangering a child.

Police say this is a drug of choice for some because most of the time it isn TMt detected in a drug screening and is an instant high.

The baby was released to her grandmother and is said to be okay.

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