Toddler shot in eye with BB transported to San Antonio

4-year-old shot with bb gun

It was just before 10 p.m. on Thursday when 4-year-old Roxanna Garcia was accidentally shot by her 8-year-old cousin in eye near a home while playing outside.

The little girl's older cousin, Emilio Flores, was in the house when it happened.

"My older cousin had called me because something had happened to my little cousin," said Emilio. "So I came running, I got inside and she had a napkin in her eye. I saw blood, took off the napkin and she had her eye swollen."

The family called an ambulance and rushed Roxanna to McAllen Medical Center.

Just before 2 a.m., doctors decided to send her to University Hospital in San Antonio to received specialized care.

Just before he spoke to Action 4 News, Flores spoke with family in San Antonio.

She was going into surgery,but said it was going to be hard to operate her to get the bb out.

While he did know why a pellet rifle was within the kids reach| flores says it was an accident.

My other little cousin didn't know it was charged so he accidentally shot my other cousin," said Emilio.

"The Halgo Cunty Seriff's Office is still investigating to see if any laws were broken and if any adults involved will face any charges.