Top Gulf Cartel leader arrested near Camargo

SSP Photo

A major operation by Mexican federal police south of Rio Grande City ended with the arrest of top leader for the Gulf Cartel and six other men.

Mexico TMs Ministry of Public Safety (SSP) reported that federal police arrested Abiel Gonzalez-Briones on Saturday.

Gonzalez-Briones, who went by the nickname El R-2, was reported to be one of the Gulf Cartel TMs top leaders in Tamaulipas.

Investigators told Action 4 News that R-2 ran the cartel TMs operations in the Camargo and Miguel Aleman areas.

SSP officials reported that it all started when an aerial patrol spotted a group of armed men near Camargo on Saturday.

Federal police found Gonzalez-Briones and the others near the Marte R. Gomez Reservoir, which is also known locally as Presa Azucar or Sugar Lake.

Among those arrested with Gonzalez-Briones was Jorge Bryan Aguilar-Hinojosa, who went by the nickname El R-24 and allegedly oversaw drug smuggling operations in the area.

Federal police identified the other suspects as:

Santos Otilio Benito-Gonzlez, alias "El Stich"Damin Santes-Santiago, alias "El Pajarillo"Jos Luis Esteban-Gonzlez, alias "El Colofox"Luis Gerardo Rosas-Ibez, alias "El Flaco"Chito Leal-Olgun, alias "El Chito"

The five men were reported to be scouts and assassins of rival cartel members.

SSP officials reported that federal police seized assault rifles, handguns, grenades, $60,000 dollars in cash and other items from the scene.