Tortilla turmoil caused by water problems in Weslaco

Christina Ardila is the owner of La Abuela Mexican Foods in Weslaco where raw tortillas are made and shipped across the country.

And this week all of that came to an abrupt halt.

"We were told there's no water, then water pressure is low then when the water came back on, we had to boil the water." A large water main break was the cause and it forced La Abuela production to stop to avoid any issues with the quality of the tortillas.

"This time it was more than a day and a half that we had to shut down the factory."

This affected her customers, as well as, nearly 50 employees who couldn't work and the company itself lost money.

"It completely upsets the flow of things." Unfortunately, Ardila says, it isn't the first time water problems in Weslaco arise.

She dealt with this a year ago and again 6 months ago. In fact, it's not unusual to go two hours with no water in Weslaco.

"I really think the citizens of Weslaco deserve alot more, we are trying to build this community of businesses here in this industrial park and we can't work like this, we just can't.

Now behind in production, the workers at her factory have to put in overtime for several days to make up for the time lost when the water was shut down.

She wants it never to happen again.

"The city needs to fix these problems because we are the city's customers and we need more respect and we need more communication."