Tortured body found in Starr County

Area Garcia's body was found // Starr County Sheriff's Department

Authorities have identified Carlos Alberto Garcia as the victim whose body was found tortured this morning in Starr County.

Garcia TMs upper body had multiple stab wounds, and his feet were bound with speaker wire.

Authorities told Action 4 Garcia TMs body was found on Docker Street in the area of San Julian, north of Escorbares.

According to deputies, the victim was found before 6:30 this morning by an individual driving by the area.

Investigators believe he was dumped minutes before authorities arrived on the scene.

The Starr County Sheriff TMs Department received calls about a vehicle on fire 20 minutes later in La Rosita.

Investigators believe the 2001 Nissan was used to dump the 27-year-old TMs body.

The La Rosita Fire Department put out the flames, and it was kept as evidence in the incident.

Garcia is a Mexican national and was in the United States illegally.

Authorities said he has been deported before.

The homicide is under investigation and no arrests have been made.

Anyone with any information please contact the Starr County Sheriff's Office at (956) 487-5571.