Towed during Harlingen market days

Maria Alcazar bought several Hello Kitty bracelets for $20 at Market Days Saturday in Downtown Harlingen. She's a teacher and said she likes buying small gifts to encourage her elementary school students.

Alcazar thought she got a great bargain, until she walked back to her parking spot and found the unexpected.

"I was (at Market Days) for like an hour, so when I came back and didn't see my truck there oh my God," Alcazar said.

Alcazar's Suzuki was towed from a business parking lot located on 4th Street and Monroe, during the hour she said she spent shopping at the market.

She saw posted towing warning signs, but didn't think they applied during the Market Days event.

Alcazar was forced to pay $215 to get her vehicle back.

"(I went) just to go and see what there was, and buy little gifts and support Harlingen, AIcazar said.

I don TMt think I TMm going anytime soon."

Alcazar said neither Harlingen Police nor Market Days organizers were able to help her with this issue.

She believes the event needs to be better organized with parking.

"I think they need to talk to all those businesses and tell them|(not to) tow the cars away, because people are here and it's packed - they parked everywhere, Alcazar said.

If the company's closed we're not taking anyone TMs space."

Alcazar adds she won TMt be ignoring the tow signs in the future and advises others to do the same.

The Downtown Manager and Market Days organizers were unavailable Sunday for comment.