Towering concern for Alamo family living near road expansion

Alamo city manager says the $2 million road improvement project is for the greater good of the community

Tower Road is under construction. A 3/4-quarter mile stretch from Business 83 to Ridge will be expanded. It's great for motorists who TMve had problems driving along the narrow, high-traffic area. But it TMs bad for the people who live in a home where they say they it will be greatly impacted by the construction. Estella Vasquez TMs two young grandkids live at 414 East Bowie. "I do fear for them," she said. She worries the chunk of land that's turning into roadway on the westside of the home puts them at risk. They can't be driving out of this driveway anymore after this is done," she said. The Sandoval family woke up one morning to find heavy equipment outside their windows. The lawn is spray painted with markings where the land will shrink. Earth is scooped away just feet from their carport for the expansion. They claim they had no prior warning at all. "It's unfair, Estella said. I want action." City Manager Luciano Ozuna says he TMs personally met with the family on a number of occasions and that he sympathizes with the family's safety concerns. He says this $2 million road improvement project is for the greater good of the community and none of it sits on private property. Estella says her family understands the price of progress but thinks the City of Alamo should do more to protect them. They've lived at the home and paid taxes there for the last 10 years. "We understand that it has to grow but I mean really come on|. Not when the street is going to be right there," Estella said. Alamo's city manager told Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf that he TMs willing to speak with their attorney to see if they can come up with an amicable solution. The family hopes they TMll help relocate the driveway. I feel a little bit safer, Estella said. Maybe something will happen." The news gives the family a glimmer of hope as Tower Road inches closer to their home. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook PageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter