Tractor trailer plunges into Willacy County canal

A tractor trailer fell into a canal just off the frontage road near the expressway outside of Lyford Friday afternoon.

Action 4 News was first on the scene as an ambulance sped away with the driver of the 18-wheeler.

Witnesses say he was coherent when he was pulled from the truck but did have blood on his arm and legs.

According to the first responders on the scene, other drivers saw the truck veer off the frontage road, barrel through a guardrail inches from a low water bridge and head straight into the canal.

The truck slammed into the other side of the embankment and then fell flat into the shallow water below.

Several tow trucks were brought in to hoist the tractor trailer out of the canal.

Authorities have not said what may have caused the accident.

Video of the scene will be coming soon.